According to Nansen, 3 Arrows Capital moves 300 NFTs out of its address

According to Nansen, 3 Arrows Capital moves 300 NFTs out of its address

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As per findings, Starry Night Capital, NFT-focused financing initiated by the founders of the now-defunct investment firm Three Arrows Capital or 3AC, has migrated over 300 NFTs from its location.

Kyle Davies, Su Zhu, and anonymous NFT hoarder Vincent Van Dough established Starry Night Capital the year before. At that time, the financing intended to invest solely in the industry’s most wanted NFTs.

On the 4th of October, cryptocurrency data supplier Nansen tweeted that the NFTs have been reportedly transferred from a wallet affiliated with the financing, along with Pepe the Frog NFT Genesis, which auctioned for 1,000 Ether last year, valued at $3.5M at the time.

Nansen stated that the NFTs originally gathered by Starry Night Capital would be transferred to a Gnosis Safe system.

Gnosis Safe is a system for managing digital content on Ethereum that gives users complete control over their investments and digital products.

According to Bloomberg, the overall worth of the Starry Night Capital selection is estimated to be approximately $35M.

Right after being ordered into liquidation

It arises months after a jury in the British Virgin Islands instructed the Singapore-based virtual currency investment firm 3AC into insolvency, resulting in the nomination of insolvency company Teneo, which has obtained ownership of at least $40M of 3AC resources so far.

That value represents only a tiny portion of the 3AC’s loans to its lenders, totaling at least $2.8B.

Nearly four months ago, Starry Night Capital’s main virtual currency wallet relocated nearly all of its virtual currency to a new location.

Following the demise of the Terra environment previously this year, the Singapore-based virtual currency investment firm was one of the numerous virtual currency companies that declared bankruptcy. The business, which once managed more than $10B in the capital, ultimately submitted Chapter 15 insolvency is a New York tribunal on the 1st of July.

The first indications of possible financial collapse came last June, with a confusing tweet from founder Zhu Su following the moves of 3AC financing. The virtual currency market crash caused a significant drop in the costs of top digital currencies, along with Ether, resulting in a sequence of sell-offs for the investment firm.

According to Joshua Peck, co-founder, and CEO at virtual currency investment fund Truecode Capital, what brought 3AC’s failure particularly damaging was its private equity investing; it frequently handled the treasury for its investee companies, but it was so well viewed that several systems extended them significant credit, like’s $270M in debts.


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